Pebax® elastomers are recognized for their outstanding qualities by the world’s most famous sports brands. Millions of runners, soccer players and skiers worldwide accomplish feats both large and small thanks to the combined advantages of these high-performance elastomers, which are ultra-lightweight and offer outstanding energy return on rebound, long-lasting elasticity, and tear and impact resistance.


Vidya Ayurveda is engaged to gives you all the best to get back healthy.

Their mission is to provide you the best quality products, with strict tests. All this work to give you the opportunity to control your health by your self.

Welcome to their website to check what you need. Here is the 10% discount code: mimijacky 


We are really happy to wear Kinetik clothes on our Spartan races and training sessions because they are really technical and very ingenious. It has been a long time since we had found a textile partner who cares about details like Kinetik. Follow the Arrow, a slogan that suits us well for the Spartans!


Berkey is one the best water purifier system on the market. Thanks to become our water quality sponsor ! Because we travel all over the world and we don’t really like to buy plastic bottles (for the planet and for our health) we are very happy to use this economic and safe system.

There is so many things to say about Berkey, so you can ask us some questions, it will be easier. Enjoy your water !

If you want to buy some of Berkey products you can pass by us and you will be a part of our sponsors !!


For many years we searched for a good solution for jet-lag, little flue, all the small life problem we had because we are travelling a lot. Now, with the essential oils we can fix all the little discomfort. HARôm & APHôm bio’tonic for the jet-lag, Citrus to purified the water during the travel, bio T tonic Energizer tea for race bottle, bio T relax Détente for race recovery … It is the best to natural medicine.



When we met Fabio and Gianmaria, they explained to us their way of improving health and life through their remineralizing product. The quality and love of their work immediately made us want to partner with this young company that will reach the stratosphere for the good of all.


Sometimes on the Pulse 29er, other race on the Sonic 26 and for the fast and short race we use the weapon : the Laktik 26 ! We are so proud to ride with those bikes design for adventure race, light, comfortable, sharp and reliable. With our Chiru bikes we would like to have more MTB sections in our adventure races !!



We choose our sponsors for what they offer, convey, represent and our sponsors follow us for the values they find in us. We are delighted to share the Choubrave’s views on how to disseminate natural health information.


If you are looking for a recovery place where people care about your comfort, your spirit and give you the best to be back the real life with 200% of your possibility … moulin de Vies is this place.


it is the best quality of Cafe verde from Costa Rica. Of course we are proud to be support by an organic and fare trade brand. All the philosophy it is follow what we believe in. We hope to stay awake with the Caffte verde energy drink … will see after the world champ !

Follow our adventure !
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