MyJak Connected Sheet


Every living being on our planet is permanently connected to the Earth. Only Man lives disconnected, mainly because of his shoes and his way of life.



The connection to the Earth allows an exchange of energy, allows us to regulate our electrical charge, just as we do for our electrical appliances so that they do not fry. We also absorb negative ions that neutralize the free radicals we produce and that are waste for our body.

As we cannot all walk barefoot in the forest all day or sleep on the lawn every night, the MyJak Connected Sheet is a good alternative for the modern man.

Made of organic cotton and silver threads, connected to the ground of your house by an electrical outlet, the MyJak Connected sheet will be your connection to the ground.

What’s the point? Good question.
Reduces inflammation
Better sleep
Improves mood
Reduces pain
Accelerates regeneration
Ammeliore the immune system
Reduces stress
Synchronizes circadian rhythm
Facilitates adaptation to jet lag
Improves blood circulation

The connection to the Earth is as important to our body as the air, water and food we absorb.

For more information you can read Clinton Ober’s book “earthing”, the man who in the 1950s highlighted the need for our health to be connected to the Earth.

Product details :
Size: 220cm x 240cm
Material: Organic cotton and silver fibre
Connection: French plug, 3m cable