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We’ve learned so much from people around the world and from our experiences on our travels and adventures… We would love to share what we’ve learned with you!

2021 Camps & Conferences

After our long studies at university resulting in us both achieving Masters degrees (sport physiology and physical & mental coaching) we traveled the world to meet people, discover cultures and to gain experience. Along the way we learned from the many mistakes that we made and now we are ready to share, teach, coach, and meet people who want to enjoy life. You are welcome to join our dream, our world, let’s go for the Raw Adventure !!!

Raw Adventure Camps
Drive your health, how to train well, healthy eating, manage your body, connect yourself, try our recovery techniques, our daily rituals… life is beautiful we must live it 200%! Raw Adventure Camp is a copy of our lifestyle, which brings us success, health & happiness. We will do together our stretching, breathing, endurance, strength (for all level), cold & hot acclimatization, food course, mineralized drinks, intermittent fasting… Between theory and experience, you will learn the key to be a champion !  See the dates below…

We are all different and we have got all our expectations…so we thought to welcome you to share our lifestyle by different ways:

ORIGINEL Raw Adventure Camp

It’s the camp that embodies the vision we have. Everyone can experience our life style and our approach to life: health, happiness, personal fulfillment, life plan. We share all that we have learned and experienced over the past 15 years: raw food, connection to nature, breathing, mental and physical training of course, permaculture, self-sufficiency, energy management, detoxification natural methods, food transition, body cleaning, life path clarification … This course is intended for everyone with two conditions: being able to jog for 1 hour 30min, but do not be afraid of our sporting level, we will adapt to you because it is not a competition, just a pleasure to discover together.

TRAINING Raw Adventure Camp

This camp is like Originel, a possibility to come and experience our life style but the emphasis will be on the training side. Of course we will discuss all the points of the Originel but a little less in depth since we will spend more time training. You will be able to really experience intermittent fasting and fruit eating with sports training, observe the speed of recovery and the increase in energy that you will have each day as well as the progress of your performances. You will also learn all of our natural recovery techniques and regeneration protocols. As we are still athletes, you will be immersed in our true ritual but there will always be a solution for everyone to face training at their pace. You do not need to have our physical level to come because we adapt, we help each other to adjust the level of the group and everyone trains with their abilities, not too exhausting for less strong athlete, sufficiently intense for strong athlete. Requirements: be able to run 2 hours in the mountains and ride 4 hours.

DETOX Raw Adventure Camp

DETOX camp is a real experience to cleanse your body. It is the logical continuation of the Originel and Training camp. We have created a special week for you to discover the different ways to detoxify yourself. Juicing, purging, fasting, walking and connecting with nature. It’s a reset to start you on a healthy new journey.

MASTER Raw Adventure Camp

This camp is like Originel, a possibility to come and experience our life style but a Master will come and share his speciality. We have learnt our knowledge from different Masters we have met around the world. The Raw Adventure Camp Master will be more deep in one speciality : Raw Vegan course, permaculture, essential oils, geobiology, breathing, spirulina production, energy, eco building, massage, yoga … Of course we will discuss all the points of the Originel but a little less in depth since we will spend some time with the Master everyday from 15:00 to 18:00. Requirements: be able to run 1 hours in the mountains and ride 2 hours.

10 persons maximum per Raw Adventure Camp !!!!

For more information about Originel, download the PDF

For more information about Training, download the PDF

2021 Camps

  • 22/03 – 27/03 : Originel
  • 29/03 – 03/04 : Detox
  • 05/04 – 10/04 : master expression corporelle (1500€)
  • 24/05 – 29/05 : Originel
  • 31/05 – 05/06 : Detox
  • 26/07 – 31/07 : Originel
  • 02/08 – 07/08 : Detox
  • 20/09 – 25/10 : Originel
  • 27/09 – 02/10 : Detox
  • 15/11 – 20/11 : Originel
  • 22/11 – 27/11 : Detox


 Arrival the day before the first day.
Departure on the last day in the late afternoon or the next day.

Schedule 2021 : Conference- Consultation-Race

NEW : Remote Consultation
Life style coaching, Healthy diet coaching, Vitality coaching, Sport coaching

One shot : By Skype, whatsapp, wechat … 1 hour / 70€, we will answer all the questions you have !

Long time coaching : By Skype, whatsapp, wechat … 1 month / 300€, 2 months / 550€, after 200€ / month ; We gives you all  tricks to reach your goal, lot of informations, lot of communications.

Contact us for more details


Contact us if you want a conference at your place.

Races 2021

Still waiting our new calendar…

Contact us if you want a talk on a race location.


During our trips for competitions, we organise Raw Adventure Camps.  We will be in China, Costa Rica, France, and Spain. Camps range from a half day to one week. We would love you to join us! All we ask is for a small donation to our association Coureurs d’Aventure.  Of course, if you can add a little extra we can use it to plant more trees on our beautiful planet, to help us with our vision to Green the Desert!


We are professional athletes travelling the world to compete. In addition to racing, we share our experiences and lifestyle through our conferences. We talk about performance, health, diet and ecology. We arrange these conferences around our race schedule (before or after a race). If you would like to reserve a place or book us to speak we would be very happy to hear from you!


Our Eco Center in Tenerife

For many years, we traveled around the world looking for a nice place to set up our base. Tenerife was intended to be just a holiday location for a fortnight but we spent one month and half there and decided to buy some land.  During a long bike ride we imagined creating a training center which would also be our home on this island paradise.  After many other training sessions, the seed grew and we were certain about our goal :  to create the training center that we have dreamed of during our world trip : high quality facilities covering many sports, with perfect weather and good food !

The training center has evolved in the last few years. We started with a normal diet but it became increasingly vegetarian during our trips, because meat was difficult to store in our van. We discovered that we were in good shape after becoming vegetarian, so we started to learn more about alternative nutrition.  This is how we eventually became vegan and since 2013 we have been raw food vegans, which for us is an amazing way to live.

We like to share our experiences as raw food vegans; it is an incredible source of health, that’s why we really want to give the opportunity to everybody to experience this diet in our center and with our advice to do it correctly. We would like also to share our experience in sustainable living. We are self-sufficient in energy with solar system (panels, batteries and a water heater).  We recycle our water to water our permaculture garden.  We use a dry toilet and have two composts (human and vegetable waste).  We make our own products to clean the house and our clothes… There are so many easy ways to become eco-friendly at home !

Our center is based on sharing our lifestyle, our diet, our training tips, and our experiences…

Enjoying every moment !

The concept

You will share a part of our journey with us  : wake up without an alarm, a raw breakfast, training in the morning, a raw lunch, training in the afternoon, a raw diner and dessert !
It is so simple but there is so much to experience …


Multi-sport is the way we love to train and we will show you why training is not boring.  It is advantageous to practice various sports, even if you are a runner, doing other sports can help you to avoid injuries. You will discover that it is important to vary the level of intensity training, because it not beneficial to be racing full time or at a “tourist” pace all the time. 

The gear we use always evolves, because we continue to look for alternative ways to train, and this make it more interesting !  This way we can also develop more skills, strengthen other muscles, avoid injuries and stay motivated to wake up and train !

Our Diet

We will explain to you why we came to our raw food vegan diet, the advantages and disadvantages, how to make it an easy part of your life, we’ll teach you various recipes…

The goal is to give you the opportunity to experience one week of raw food living.


The island of Tenerife is an amazing place to train with such varied landscape to enjoy : mountain, rain forest, desert, moon-like , coastal, canyon, Mediterranean forest, flat or tough ocean ….

Eco friendly living

We believe in nurturing nature, so we try to live in a way that protects the planet. We run on solar panel energy, including heating our water by solar energy.  In the garden, we compost all fruit and vegetable peels and we use recycled water to water the plants.  We have dry toilet. We developed a permaculture garden with fruit trees & vegetables.  We are not yet zero-waste but this is our ultimate goal !


You will taste many tropical fruits and vegetables you haven’t seen before, learn how we built our permaculture garden, enjoy our vegetable production, and discover the specialties of the island.

Follow our adventure !
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