We are Mimi and Jacky!

2x Adventure Race World Champions

Master Degrees in Sports

Thai Energetic Osteopath

Happy People !

Lifestyle & Diet Coaches

Inspirational Speakers

Raw Vegans

Permaculture Gardeners



Pro Athlete

2 times World Champion (2011 and 2013)
2nd on the Elite Ultra (24h) Spartan world championship (2019)
3rd on the Elite Beast Spartan world championship (2019)



Pro Athlete

2 times World Champion (2011 and 2013)
Spartan Athlete of the Year – China (2018)
3 times number 1 International Multisport race (2018)

We are two professional athletes, passionate about sport, health and ecology…
…and with a thirst to travel the world.

We are the most successful performers in our discipline… twice World Champions.

Our journey has made us aware of the importance of protecting our planet so we turned all our western habits upside down to live more harmoniously with our environment.

Today we live in a small house in the middle of a permaculture garden with zero waste.
Our dream and our project is “Race to Green the Desert”.

We want to share our experiences with you…
…so welcome to this Raw Adventure World!

Our Mission & Vision

In travelling the world, we have encountered people, culture, ideas and philosophies and these have made a great impact on us and our view of the world.

We became aware that our health depends on our diet and so, progressively we became vegetarians, then vegans and finally raw fruto-vegetarians. This was much more than a fad, or a means to improve our performance in sport – it changed the way in which we saw the world. We became aware of the need to protect our planet and this realization grew to the point where we decided to create our own world!

We take care of our planet as much as we can.


Our Goals

Zero Waste

We live in a tiny container house, self-sufficient in electricity produced by solar panels. We recycle our water and use it to irrigate a permaculture garden where we enrich the soil with our compost and fertilize it with our dry toilet. We live a life that creates almost zero waste and regenerates the soil that we live on, so that it in turn gives us all that we need.

Aim for the top

For 15 years we have travelled the world to compete in all the famous Expedition races. In 2011 & 2013 we became World Champions of this discipline.

We have competed in the Xterra triathlon, Half Ironman and our latest challenge is obstacle races. We are still competitive and we are working hard to get back to the top of the podium.

Green the Desert

We are racers and we race to plant trees!

Support our plan to bring life to the desert in Tenerife.

  You can participate: give a donation to our association to support us and we will plant more trees. 

Follow our adventure !
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